Silent Poetry Client Reviews


Kamini is THE Best in Portrait Photography

I have had many portraits done with Kamini, family portraits, and personal portraits and I’ve always been impressed. She has captured the significant moments of my life, from cherished moments with my sons as infants and toddlers, photos with my wife, right up to fun, urban settings with just me and my guitar.

For me, Silent Poetry has redefined the concept of what a personal portrait can be, and what a photographer can do. Kamini has proven time and again that the right portrait can be an heirloom, and is something that can be valued and enjoyed for years.

I look forward to visiting Silent Poetry again, and I would not hesitate to recommend Kamini and Silent Poetry to anyone looking for the best in portrait photography. ~ Chris Webb, London, Ontario


Kamini is Wonderful with Kids.

I love working with Kamini. She is the most patient photographer to work with and is wonderful with kids. I really appreciate the time she takes for our photo sessions. We never feel rushed. She takes all the time needed to get the best photos. The quality of her work is also truly amazing and we're always happy with the end results. I'm looking forward to more family photo sessions with Kamini in the near future. ~Lynn Grushka, London, Ontario


Kamini Captured Personalities in an Incredible Way.

I love the individual images of the kids as Kamini captured their personalities in an incredible way. Each is so unique and finding that in the portraits just blows me away. I also love seeing how we all come together as one into this awesomeness we call family so the portrait of us all by the wall is amazing!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have this wonderful family and that we have captured a moment in time together that we can always cherish. ~ Laurie Hawkins, London, Ontario


Kamini Brings Out the Best In People

Kamini - thanks so much for the family portrait session we did back in the Fall. They are just the most amazing portraits of my kids and our family! As usual, you have created the most beautiful and heart-warming pictures that tell a wonderful story of our amazing family. You were able to perfectly capture the personalities of both children in various photographs that highlight their unique characteristics. You are truly gifted to be able to bring that to life in pictures!

Each portrait is so unique & will be cherished forever. They are a focal point in our house on display & everyone who sees them agrees that you have an incredible skill of bringing out the best in people. Truly amazing! Thanks Kamini for capturing our happiness in pictures so that I have the memories forever. ~Yvette Helwig, London, Ontario


Business Branded Perfectly

My professional shoot at your studio was also a wonderful experience. You made me feel like we could really create exactly what I envisioned and it came out even better! It represents and brands me and my company perfectly and I always get positive comments when I hand out my card. It is my pleasure to recommend you most highly to your future clients. You are a professional, award-winning photographer that I trust and admire. ~Sue Bennett, London, Ontario


5 Years of Photos - One Photographer

I've had many sessions with Kamini over the past 5 years and every one of them was such an amazing experience. She has captured so many unforgettable moments in my life and I can literally watch myself growing up looking back on my photos. She creates an environment where you can't help but have a good time and be yourself and what’s better than capturing the true you? ~ Kayla Youskow, London, Ontario


Always A Pleasure to Work With

"These are two of my favourite images. Whether for business or family portraits Kamini has an eye for detail. She will take you on a journey, and ask you to pose in places you would never think of, and then seeing the final results are such a treat! Working with Kamini - you will get creativity, mixed with patience in a relaxed environment while on a shoot. It's always such a pleasure to get to work with Kamini. She truly brings out the best in people!" ~ Melissa Schenk, London, Ontario


Made Us Our Own Work of Art!

You really do make us our own work of art! I was so impressed by your original ideas and creativity right from the first time we worked with you for our family portrait. You chose the best time of day and season to ensure we had the most amazing backdrop and you were able to capture our family and individual personalities in the beautiful park setting at Springbank Park. With your guidance, I brought props that worked well together and allowed us to be realistic and natural for the shoot. It was so fun, having everyone together laughing and just being ourselves. A totally memorable experience. The end result is a treasure trove including both gifts for our extended family and our large family portrait hanging in our front foyer. ~ Sue Bennett, London, Ontario