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I am so proud to announce my results for the recent Image Competition for the Professional Photographers of Canada.  Three of my images have been accepted into the show and I received the award for Best in Class – Child Portrait for my image titled “No One to Play With.”  This is my first national award and it was totally unexpected!

ini LeCapelain 15 Child PortraitMeri

“No One to Play With” was captured as part of a Child Study I was doing of my nephew.  These types of sessions are more in depth than a standard child portrait and involve really getting to know the child.  The goal was to capture his unique personality, highlight his interests and catch a glimpse of his soul.  This was truly an award that Mason and I won, together.

To book a Child Study session for a special child in your life, contact me here.

Urban Chic Kamini LeCapelain 13 Portrait, Accepted

The second image accepted into the salon is “Urban Chic,” a portrait of country music singer Brooklyn Roebuck. Brooklyn performed at an event that I co-organized, in support of the London Anti-Bullying Coalition and this image was originally published in the event program.

Angel Kamini LeCapelain 15 Child Portrait, Accepted


“Angel,” which was created as part of my new be.Tween Project is my third accepted image.  This project is geared toward tween girls (aged 10-12) and highlights who they are at this moment. The main goal is to help girls to feel strong, confident and celebrated.

For more information on how to participate in the be.Tween Project, visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/betweenproject/.

Click here to read the full press release from the Professional Photographers of Canada.


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